Sunday, April 6, 2008

100 Days Afloat

100 Days Afloat

By the time this article is printed we will be approaching our 100th day afloat. Cultures around the world celebrate centennials so I guess we will throw a little party on board at day 100 and in keeping with late night television we thought we would give you our "Top 10 Reasons to go Sailing" so far.

First, a positional update, we left the San Blas Islands a little over two weeks ago and after a provisioning stop in Colon and a short cultural trip to Panama City we are on our way to Bocas Del Toro, Panama. Located on the Panama-Costa Rican border 150 miles from Colon, Bocas Del Toro will be our home for the next month or so before heading off the mainland of Central America.

It seems that one of the most difficult things to explain to people about our desire to go cruising is that it is a lifestyle choice, NOT a vacation. We often run into folks who when we tell them we are sailing for a few years they seem to think we are sitting on deck all day with a book and little umbrella drinks. We do get to sit on deck and enjoy the sun and surroundings sometimes, but most days are busy and full of activity and responsibility. Cruising is not a vacation but a lifestyle and frankly one that we are learning requires a lot of work.

Having said all that- cruising is a wonderful lifestyle. Some of our cruising friends Roy and Michelle aboard s/v Dream Odyssey put it this way, "The rewards are worth it if you don't weaken". Like anything in life, if it was easy the rewards would not be nearly so great.

Like most things we do in life- motivations are uniquely personal and different, but in closing here is our 100 days afloat "Top 10 Reasons to go Sailing".

10. It is harder for the law to find you out here.

9. No need for alarm clocks.

8. The profound sense of satisfaction experienced in overcoming the obstacles of life aboard. Out here there is no handyman service to call. If it is going to be it is up to me.

7. Diverse cultural exposure-you can read about different cultures but living, eating and interacting among them provides a depth of experience not possible from a book.

6. No tan lines.

5. You can sleep for 10 hours a night or take a nap everyday and not feel guilty about it.

4. Getting to watch your 9 year old son pilot a 50 foot yacht out of a crowded marina slip with confidence and proficiency.

3. Howler Monkeys, Flying Gurnards, Keel-billed Toucans and Bandito the Sloth.

2. No ties, No shoes, No Shirt, No makeup--- No Worries.

1. Getting to spend 24 hours a day with your family watching them grow and growing together (this one has occasionally appeared on our top 10 reasons not to go sailing list as well).

Until next time, live your dream and fair winds. The 4Wheelers.

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