Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Journey Begins

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"

author unknown

In many ways this blog is one of many single steps required of us before our journey could begin and we trust an ongoing point of contact for family and friends as our adventure unfolds. We hope our blog accurately represents the story of one family's desire to fulfill a dream, a dream that has been incubating for over a decade and has now begun.

It is our desire that our family, friends (both old and new)and all those who yearn to follow their hearts and dreams will find in the pages that follow not just our story but perhaps just maybe a tiny bit of inspiration to cast off the mooring lines that hold you captive and allow you to LIVE.

First, a little about the Wheeler family. We are, I guess, best described as an ordinary family with perhaps an extra-ordinary dream. Susan and I met and began dating in high school. We attended university together and were married the summer before my senior year and her junior year. In August of 2007 we celebrated our 21stanniversary. Like any couple we have had mountain top and valley experiences yet through it all we have remained committed to each other and our common dreams.

Sue and I both graduated with undergraduate degrees in wildlife biology (specializing in ornithology) and I completed my MBA in2005. We have lived in Idaho, South Dakota, Colorado and Texas. My business career was spent in medical sales and real estate development. Six years ago I left the for-profit sector and began working in the non-profit arena for my alma mater. Susan also worked in medical sales with me until our kids arrived and has primarily been a stay at home mom since.

We both fell in love with the ocean and boating early in our married life. Vacations revolved around scuba diving and many boating adventures in Baja California. Those early experiences planted the seeds that have grown into this family adventure.

We have two amazing kids. Make sure you check out their logs on the website for their unabridged perspective on the journey. Our daughter Amy turned 12 prior to our leaving. She has more personality than the day is long and once you have met her you will always be remembered by her and will be her friend. She is bright, loves people, animals, and experiencing all that life has to offer.

She has a generous and caring spirit and loves to give to others. I think her most distressing moments are when she has to choose between two equally exciting activities. If anyone has ever had the desire to do it all it is Amy.

Our son Marshall is 9 ½ as we depart. He is all boy. Marshall loves to hunt, fish, play football, tackle dad and is particularly adept at turning the most common objects into a weapon for a Star Wars battle reenactment. He is also an avid reader, mathematician, and very creative. Marshall possesses a wonderfully warm and tender spirit. We feel blessed to be the parents of Amy and Marshall.

Sue and I always seem to have known from very early in our marriage that we would spend an extended period of time at sea sometime during our life together. The question was always what would be the best time? Amy and Marshall are the reason for the journey now. As they began to grow up we realized that life will only afford us one opportunity as a family like this and so we begin. Come join us in the journey as we learn about ourselves and each other, as well as new cultures, and strive to expand our world view and to learn more fully what it means to be global citizens.

We are glad you are part of our crew on board s/v MIMA. WELCOME ABOARD!

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