Monday, November 17, 2008


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Anonymous said...

Hi Wheelers! It's Tracey Cook. I don't know your email address but I have been looking at your blog for about an hour tonight. So much to comment on. I loved the pictures of Susan and Amy swimming with the dolphins. I can't believe all the amazing places you have been. Amy, thanks so much for the note and scarf. I have worn mine and Hailey wore hers to school the first day she got it. You are so thoughtful and your note was so funny! Sam loved the comment about him. ha, ha. I miss you all. Sorry I'm so bad at email. I wish I could find your address but I guess this will work. Mark, I'm not sure about your bright blue swim suit... you might have to leave that one on the Mima when you come back. :) Love you guys! Susan I MISS you!