Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Isla Linton, Panama

Wednesday February 6, 2008

Isla Linton; Anchored at N 09*36'49.0" W079*35'03.0"

Good morning. We are on our way to the San Blas Islands. We are making slow progress however since we keep seeing cool places to explore. We have spent time on beaches,riding horses, meeting some interesting locals, celebrating Carnival and even an afternoon holding and getting to know an adult 2 toed Sloth and a young 3toed Sloth.

Meeting the folks who have been rescuing sloths for the last decade and spending an afternoon with them in their home and garden while enjoying the company of Bandito (juvenile 3 toed sloth) and Lightning (adult 2toed sloth) was truly an experience we will never forget. These are amazing animals that deserve our care and attention. Not to mention they are downright cuddly. I think Amy would have held Bandito all day and night if she could.

We are taking it easy in terms of sailing and just doing short manageable hops. Adjusting to life on board remains a challenge but we are hanging in and holding on. We are at day 32 so we are getting there. Hopefully 4-5 weeks in the San Blas will really get us in the cruising mood.

Trust you are all well and we will talk soon, Mark

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