Monday, March 23, 2009

4Wheeler Photos


Bustamuuv said...

Ahoy 4Wheelers!
I'm a fellow Boisean and sailor. Although I get to the islands at least once a year for chartering, you guys are "living the dream" for me and many others. I'm sure you've had a barrage of mail asking more about Little Red since the Statesman article came out. We try trolling a few lures everytime we sail but continue to get skunked. Don't know if it's our bad luck, trolling grounds or choice of tackle. Would you happen to have any pictures of Little Red or a link to get ahold of the folks that make it? I refuse to accept failure and will try anything to board something edible!

Sail On!

Jay S.

kylee said...

marshall's hair is awesome! i wish I would have remembered the blog a long time ago!